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Photo Filters

Free Photo Filters Online

photo filters online

FunPhotoBox Photo Filters is online photo filter software with a number of free photo editing tools.

You have an option to select from a number of cool filters: filters with hearts, bokeh filters, lomo filters, instagram style frames. It is 100% free and no download is required.

Adding cool photo filters to your photo is very simple and takes several seconds using our online photo filter editor.

Adding Photo Filters Guide

Applying a photo filter to your photo is very easy.
  1. Click "Get Started Now" button on this page
  2. Select a type of photo filter you want to apply
  3. Select a photo filter in the category you have selected early
  4. Upload your photo or photos from computer or from Facebook album and edit cropping area in the photo filter editor
  5. Click GO, and wait a few seconds until a filter effect is applied to your photo
  6. Save or share your resulting picture or continue to another photo filter