Are 2 Months Enough to Write a Dissertation?

Writing a dissertation can be a challenging and time-consuming job, but many people often get carried away and think about how they can finish it in a matter of weeks. Now, even though doing so is more than possible, there are many other things to keep in mind and consider before making such a bold move as start writing a dissertation. It is also a reason why we will provide detailed guidance on how much time is usually needed to write an excellent dissertation.

What can affect the time one needs to finish the dissertation?

Writing a dissertation can be more challenging than most people think because there are many factors that affect the time one will need to finish the entire task. Namely, a much more thorough study is required than most people think, and above all, much more dedication and thought are needed to provide a dissertation that will actually make some difference. Now, since many people tend to oversee them, we will explain them further in the text below.



Committee members are here to help us finish our work by reviewing different parts we write, but collecting all the reviews can be a real problem, especially if we need to wait for more members to send us feedback. The main reason is schools have certain response times, which can sometimes be up to two weeks, and because of that response times, we can end up waiting more than a month to get necessary feedback. Waiting too long for constructive advice can result in little or no time to finish writing, so we need to calculate the time necessary for getting reviews and sending the pieces of our dissertations to committee members in time. Of course, we have no control over this, which is why no one can grant you that you will get an answer within a week or so, as that period can be shorter or longer.

As for the information you seek, since seeking advice is usually about some specific terms and detailed info, instead of waiting for an answer, you can always opt and continue writing a dissertation focused on other things that are not dependent on the answer and guidance. On the other hand, this suggestion doesn’t apply to situations where the answer might change the way you base your dissertation, which is, once again, why this “issue” can prolong the end of writing a dissertation.

Ability to make changes

Once the committee members send their reviews with their comments, it is necessary to address them properly and make the necessary changes. Since all the people are not the same, some of them can finish it quickly and send a document for a new review, while some of them might struggle and have problems realizing what should be changed and changing it. Understandably, this varies from one person to another, but it’s also something we simply have to keep in mind when planning to write a dissertation time-wise. It is one more reason why it is always better to start in time than waiting until the last moment, as sometimes, although committee members send a few drafts and try to address all the comments properly, it can require a lot of time to realize what they want. In the end, it’s them who will have the final say, and following their advice can be of much help.

Other obligations


It would be great if writing a dissertation was our only obligation, and we have not had to do anything else until we finish that, but in most cases, the entire situation is much different. People have jobs, kids, pets, and many other obligations that can leave them far less time for writing on a daily basis than they would love to have, so it is crucial to be realistic and decide the real amount of time you have for writing. In that case, you will be able to calculate how many days you need to finish, and by considering other factors too, you will know when it is the best time to start. Namely, instead of planning to spend five hours daily writing a dissertation, plan an hour or two, as it is more realistic. Above all, writing a dissertation demands much focus and patience, meaning that planning to write it for more than three hours a day is just not objective.

How to speed up the entire process?

Luckily, there are also some tips on how to speed up the writing process, and by following them, some people will maybe be able to write a dissertation in two months, so let’s check them out.

1. Making a plan

Just like any other project, writing a dissertation requires a detailed plan, as not having it can easily result in finishing certain tasks and not knowing what to do next. Making a step-by-step plan might require some time because of the many details, but it will be much easier to finish the dissertation once each step is planned in detail.

2. Short-term goals


The most crucial thing to remember is that it’s the quality and not quantity that matters, which is why setting a goal to write about 250 words per day should be something you will benefit from. Understandably, if you have inspiration, writing more than 250 words is great, but let’s keep the goal simple and easy, as doing so will have a gigantic effect on your confidence and overall eagerness to write.

3. Seek advice

Your friends and colleagues will give you the best possible insight into whether the dissertation is of any good or not. That is why seeking feedback from them can help you speed up the writing process and, above all, make the entire dissertation much better. The more feedback you get, the better the insight into how good the dissertation is you will get, which means that you shouldn’t be shy and share it with those whose opinions you value the most. On the other hand, you can always seek a professional opinion and guidance, and for more info on that, click here.