9 Tips for Finding Used Car Parts Online

Buying used car parts has many advantages. In the first place is the price, but it depends on several factors such as rarity, demand, condition, etc. Another big advantage is availability. It’s not hard to find the part you need unless you have a super-rare, vintage car. You can also choose from many retailers. One of the most common myths is that used parts are only sold at junkyards.

There are plenty of reputable retailers that offer a great selection on their websites. If you don’t find your part, they will try to find it with exchange partners. Many companies offer a warranty on the purchased product so that you are completely safe. To make a good purchase, read our tips.

1. Do a thorough online search

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The need for auto parts and equipment is increasingly being met via the Internet. There are more and more users who prefer specialized portals, there are fewer and fewer who physically look for parts in stores, auto markets and junkyards. Do your thorough homework before finalizing the purchase of a particular auto part. It is always better to wait a few days and consult with experts to weigh the options before making a purchase decision. It is recommended not to be hasty and impulsive, especially when looking for necessary and expensive auto parts. Remember, it’s a one-time purchase and you’re exhausting all your options, because you wouldn’t want to be jumping into online shopping portals every day looking for auto parts.

Always double check the final checkout page before hitting the Buy/Pay Now button. Make sure unwanted handling/shipping charges or unwanted auto parts are not included in your cart. Be sure to check the seller and their credentials before you decide to buy online. If you have a dubious feeling about a supplier, in most cases you can buy the same product online from someone you already know and trust.

2. Check the online database of used auto parts

There are several ways to find used parts. The easiest way is to do an online search, because such stores are equipped with computerized inventory systems. Thanks to such systems, you will be able to choose between several points of sale. That way, you can compare price, brand, and other important features. So, use rich sources of information because not every company may have the part you are looking for.

The good thing about this system is that there are listings that contain parts for vintage cars. The more information you put on the list, the better results you will get. That way, you’ll do a thorough parts search before choosing what’s right for you.

3. Find out your VIN number

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No matter what parts you’re looking for, you need to know this number. Remember that each car has specific parts, and these can be very easily identified by the VIN number. This means that it contains key information about the vehicle, which is an opportunity to quickly and easily find the engine, transmission, model, and all the other information you need. Although replacement parts are cheaper than new ones, you don’t want to buy the wrong product. Since this search is free, there’s no reason not to check your number.

4. Be sure which color you need

Buying used parts can be a very simple process, but you can easily make a mistake. One of the most common mistakes is the choice of color. When buying a used car part, make sure to choose the right color. Otherwise, everyone will notice the difference in color between a certain part and your car. This adds to the bad look and you will probably have to pay for a paint job because of it.

5. Examine the warranty

We are sure you have some doubts about this. When buying used components you need to make sure that the store offers a warranty. It’s usually shorter than the warranty you get when you buy new parts, but you need a certificate of authenticity. This generally includes a one to three-month warranty.

6. Avoid buying fake parts

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Unfortunately, there are sellers on the market who offer imitation components. However, if you have researched the store beforehand there is nothing to worry about. We are telling you this so that you can be careful during every step of your purchase. It is especially important to whom you entrust your personal information. Fake parts can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. You need to review flaws, typos and logos. If you cannot identify them, they are probably fake parts. You should just use websites like https://www.usedautopartslocator.com

7. Ask the manufacturer a question

Feel free to ask the seller a question before making a final decision. This is especially important if you have no experience with buying used parts before or if you have only recently bought a car. After asking the appropriate questions, pay attention to their answers. If something is suspicious, it is best to switch to another seller. It is also advisable to ask as many sub-questions as possible if you need further explanation.

8. Try to bargain

Don’t be afraid to haggle. We especially recommend this to those who are buying parts for an old car. In the end, you have nothing to lose by trying. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give up at some point. Be polite and have fun!

9. Check the history of used car parts

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A car facts history report will tell you a lot about the company. Any reliable seller will have no problem sharing this information with you. If certain offers seem too good to be true, there is probably an underlying problem. The report will just reveal to you all the mysteries that may be hiding behind the seller’s offer. So always keep this rule in mind. Focus on age of parts, mileage, changes or repairs. All this information is crucial for your car.


While you can’t go wrong with genuine parts (if you choose the right components), you’ll be spending a lot of money. Used parts are not only much cheaper but also have the same performance. Since you will need to replace more parts after a while, you should be economical. Online stores offer a wide range of quality products.