Joshua Russaw Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

People seem to be fascinated with the work of Joshua Russaw, especially after he attracted thousands of eyes through his Instagram Profile. And now, everybody wants to know everything about Joshua Russaw Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki, and so on. But the problem is that the internet is filled with crappy fake articles that do not inform much.

So, I decided to rectify this situation by running a thorough background check on the rich and famous Joshua Russaw and compiling all that information in a single article. Like the sound of it? I bet you do. So, let’s not waste any more time here on boring chit-chat and skip to the juicy part where I feed you with all the scrumptious details of the most private parts of Joshua Russaw. So, let’s begin!

Joshua Russaw Wiki


Joshua Russaw was born to the rich and famous American Artist Faith Evans on 10 June 1998. His father Todd Russaw was the second husband of Faith Evans. The couple got married in 1998, the year Faith gave birth to Joshua. Unfortunately, the beautiful couple called off their marriage thirteen years later in 2011. Joshua has always enjoyed the status of a celebrity child and the most beloved son of Faith Evans. However, some of all that fame came from being a half-sibling to Christopher Wallace Jr.

Joshua Russaw Biography

As of 2024, Joshua Russaw is twenty-four years old and has American citizenship. He was born and brought up in the states and is currently living there. He has mixed ethnicity. In fact, Joshua belongs to a very wealthy and well-known Russaw family in Hollywood. Born with a silver spoon, Joshua has spent his entire life in extreme luxury and comfort. However, he was heartbroken when his parents decided to separate. As per my sources, Joshua had a major meltdown and had to be hospitalized for a couple of days after his parents’ oh-so-public divorce.

The full details of that incident were never made public and both his parents made full use of their resources and power to hide that story from the press and general public. However, it is said that Faith Evans cheated on Todd Russaw when she was still married to him. Joshua did not take this news well and confronted his mother. After that, Joshua decided to maintain a distance from his mother and wholly focused on this rapper and succeeded.

Joshua Russaw Height, Weight, Educational Background


Joshua Russaw is five feet eight inches tall and weighs approximately sixty-three kgs. However, Joshua is known for his major weight fluctuations so it can not be known with certainty. And as far as his educational background is concerned, there is not much information available. No information is available relating to which school, college, and university he attended. Moreover, I also could not unearth what degree he holds or whether or not he even holds a degree. It’s a surprise that the Russow family has managed to keep this kind of information a secret.

Joshua Russaw Rapping Career and Instagram

Before Faith Evans separated from Todd Russaw, Joshua had a very close relationship with his mother. Faith was a source of inspiration for him, which is why Joshua started practicing for his singing career at a very young age. But later, his relationship with his mom deteriorated and he decided to pursue rapping instead of singing for a career. However, he is still in the developing stage and improving day by day. But it is safe to say that the future of Joshua Russaw is very bright.


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To further enhance his skills and let more people know of his talent for music and rapping, he is currently running an Instagram account. He runs and manages his own Insta blog and uploads regular videos and pictures his fans go nuts over. Currently, he has a fan following of nearly 15.1 k and is increasing day by day. Joshua not only takes to social media for work but also regularly updates stories and pictures from his real life. From what we see, Joshua Russaw seems to be a fun-loving person who follows the rule of working hard but partying harder!



What is the net worth of Joshua Russaw?

Being a celebrity child has its perks. One of those benefits of being born to a wealthy family is the quick and easy access to more money than you can spend. The same goes for Joshua Russaw. He inherited a fortune from his wealthy parents and amassed a sizable fortune himself at such a young age. His total net worth, as of 2024, is 1.5 Million USD. However, several sources also claim that he will inherit millions from his mother when he reaches a certain age.

Final Thoughts

So, this was all from my side. I hope you enjoyed this very personal and intimate sneak peek into the real life of Joshua Russaw. It is safe to conclude that his life is not all rainbows, he has had his share of heartbreak and tragedies in life. But he is a real fighter and doesn’t let anything come in his way of becoming the very best version of himself day by day. Moreover, I have deployed my sources into finding more stuff on Joshua, as soon as I hear from them, you will be the first ones to know all about it!