6 Possible Reasons Why Your AC is Running but Not Cooling?

We all know how important are air conditioners during the summer days for us. Tossing and turning in bad and difficulties falling asleep are only some of the problems due to the excessive heat. Unfortunately, our AC units always seem to break down during the warmest days.

The climatization is not only the unit inside your home, or the box outside. It is a complex system consisting of various elements. This does not mean that you’ll have to cover expensive repairs. Sometimes, the problem can be quite simple, and easy to affix.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the reasons why your AC is not cooling your home but still running. This will help in the quicker diagnostic and quicker solution of the problem, resulting in saving lots of finances. Keep reading and find out more.

1. Incorrect thermostat settings

Source: andersonair.com

The first thing you should check when you run into a such problem is to pay attention to the thermostat. For example, you could’ve mistakenly set your AC only on the fan, and there will be no cooling. Also, check the temperature you’ve set, it is maybe set too high, so the conditioner will not work as it should.

All you have to do is adjust the settings and enable the cooling option. If the AC begins cooling, you’ve solved the problem, if not, consult with professionals and learn more about the problem.

2. Clogged filters

Filters are essential pieces in every air conditioning unit. They have located the inside unit, and they are collecting debris and other particles which prevent airborne diseases. In addition, they keep the system running properly and keep the parts clean.

When the filters collect a large quantity of debris, they get clogged and ruin the performance of your conditioner unit. That way, the AC will not be able to cool your home, and in case of complete clogging of the filters, they can completely turn off the air conditioner.

If your thermostat is working just fine, power off the AC and open it up. The filter can be usually found in the front portion, so you can easily reach it, take it out, and observe it. You have two options, either try cleaning it or if it is too damaged, consider getting a new one.

3. Blocked condensers

Source: singerhvac.com

An outdoor unit that serves a purpose of a condenser is what most climatization units have. There are plenty of tightly packed coils that go around the unit. If you notice difficulties in cooling the air of your home, this might be the issue.

When debris gets collected between the coils, it clogs them and ruins the functionality of the conditioner. This leads to larger energy consumption, as well as an inability to lower the temperatures in your home.

Normally, the coils can be cleaned, but be sure to be careful throughout the whole process. Consider using fine brushes, and vacuuming machines, or use your gardening hose if you live in a house. In case this does not work, consultation with professionals might be necessary.

4. Problems with the pump

Similar to a conditioner, your system might be running by using a heat pump. It consists of various parts that contribute both to the heating as well as reducing the temperatures of your home. The working method is almost identical to the condenser, so it is prone to problems from the same causes. This includes grime and debris buildup, freezing of the pipes, issues with the compressor, etc.

5. Freezing coil

Source: aristair.com

The climatization unit inside your home has a coil for evaporation. Depending on the system, it can be located inside or on the outside of your unit. The warmth of the inside of your home runs through this coil where it cools, loses humidity, and gets into your home again.

If this coil freezes, there be plenty of signs that you will notice. Firstly, you will see the formation of frost on the freon tube, which is a direct sign. You will have trouble reducing the temperatures in your home, energy consumption will rise which increases the cost of your bills. Also, there will be an increase of liquid drained, and in the worst case, the outdoor system will form frost as well.

In case you notice such signs, it is best to consult with air conditioning professionals for assistance and repair the issue.

6. Freon leaks

Freon is the liquid inside the copper pipes. This chemical is essential for the heat absorption and cooling process of your home. Each AC is filled with an exact amount of freon to ensure functionality. In case there is a leak and the freon levels are getting lower, the system will have trouble cooling the air appropriately.

Be sure to understand that the main focus is to locate and repair the leaking point of the system, rather than feeling it with new freon. For that purpose, your system might be filled with a special cooling liquid that will show color on the leaking spot. However, this is only done by professionals, so that is what your move should be.

What if your AC is still not working?

We listed all of the common causes of dysfunction in an AC unit. If nothing on this list checks the box of the issue you might be experiencing, you should call professionals. That way, you will exactly know the cause of the problem and address it properly.

Also, you should understand whether the size of your current air conditioner is appropriate for your space. Sometimes, the unit is too small and it cannot cool the space even though it functions perfectly. On the contrary, you may have a sufficiently sized unit, but due to its old age, it begins to malfunction.

The fix for both these situations is considering a replacement unit that is both new and proper size. That way, you ensure perfect functionality and you’ll surely enjoy your stay at your now properly cool not being afraid of the hot summer days.