Is There a Bigger Gambling City Than Las Vegas?

Today we have the internet. It connects people. We all share space and time on the web. Thus we all see and hear the same things no matter where we’re located. Thanks to Hollywood culture when we think about gambling the first association is Las Vegas. Indeed, this Nevada city is the Mecca of gambling for many reasons. It is home to some of the most prestigious casinos. For a while, it was one of the rare places in the United States of America where you could gamble. Also, you have plenty of movies about gambling and Las Vegas that paint a true picture.

But, as you know, and we already mentioned, there’s this little thing called the internet. With the internet and the development of modern technology such as computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones we received a new form of gambling. Enter online gambling. Gambling on the web is not a novelty. It has been around for a while. But, it did change the scenery of gambling in general. It also lowered the popularity of many land-based casinos in the world and America alike. Furthermore, due to technological and economical development in some parts of the world we now have places that managed to catch up to Las Vegas.

All of this brings out the question – is there a bigger gambling city than Las Vegas? This is a fair question. Times fly; things change. That’s the fate of this world. Old loyalties disappear, new people come, and old people disappear, but can an establishment such as Las Vegas be trampled by competitors? Of course, LV was a beacon that everyone tried to mimic. Did anyone succeed, or how far have they come? Let’s talk a little bit about big gambling cities that can stand toe to toe with Las Vegas. After talking a bit about them, we can together conclude if any managed to run past the Nevada jewel. Anything is possible, and if you visit you can see that even Australia has entered the gambling frenzy as no other continent.

1. Monte Carlo, Monaco


The gambling capital of Europe. Monte Carlo is quite similar to Las Vegas. It is beautiful. Full of casinos. Home to celebrities. Also, you have plenty of movies filmed here just like in LV. Many of them even revolve around gambling. You can thank James Bond for this. The 007 did a favor to Monte Carlo. The first casino was opened in Monaco back in the 19th century. Since then this place has become like a magnet for billionaires and casual gamblers alike. You’ll meet a few tennis players too. We’re looking at you, Novak Djokovic. This is a charismatic place, full of sophisticated casinos, located in historic palaces. Monte Carlos has a horse for a race with Las Vegas. But, we have to admit. Nevada city is quite big. Their hotels and casinos trample the ones in Monte Carlo. As far as prestige goes, they go hand in hand. But, if we look at the sheer size of operations, LV stands above.

2. Macau, China

China is developing so hard and so fast, that it is no wonder that they have established itself as a gambling nation. Thus they have one of the biggest casinos in the world. No wonder things are like this considering how many people live in China and how strong their economy is. Macau, while an independent province is still tied to China. But, their economy is measured on their own. It is funny that half of their income comes from gambling. What’s even funnier is that most of the great powerhouses from Las Vegas have established their properties in Macau. When you look at the number of people who play in Macau, and the amount of money that goes through their casinos, they have the biggest flow of both. But in terms of prestige, they still chase Las Vegas.

3. Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA


That’s right, in addition to Nevada and Las Vegas, the USA has another horse for this race. We’re of course talking about Atlantic City. While massive on its own we already know that this gambling city plays the second fiddle to LV. But, we’re not going to lie, AC has its charm. We’re talking about the beaches, the ocean, and some of the world’s biggest hotels and casinos. Also, some people don’t like the Nevada desert climate. For them, Atlantic City is quite a treat. If you want to experience the real joy of gambling and create memories for life you’ll be set for life by simply visiting Caesar’s in Atlantic City.

4. Sydney, Australia

As we said in the introduction, even Australia has its horses for this race. Gambling is quite popular in the land down under. Considering the size of Sydney, it’s no wonder they have some of the biggest casinos in Australia. The way this activity is expanding it will be no wonder if one of the casinos becomes Sydney’s main attraction and replaces the iconic Opera House. If you want to have a great time in Sydney and spend it enjoying yourself and gambling you need to visit The Star. If you’re good at blackjack or any other card game you’ll have a chance to prove yourself at the Star’s premium tables. They have premium rooms, which you can only enter if being invited. It also has a cool name – the Inner Sanctum. Sydney still has a long way to go if you ask us, but they are on a good path to reaching the heights where Las Vegas resides.

5. London, UK


When you think about London your first association probably won’t be gambling. That’s fine. The English capital has so much to offer to tourists that this fact is often neglected. But, you’d be surprised to hear that London has quite a vivid gambling scene. They are also trying to mimic LV so you’ll get that American vibe upon entering Empire Casino. Other places worth visiting include Lola’s Underground Casino and The Victoria Casino. Trust us, London is quite a gambling hub no matter if it doesn’t look like that. Close to Las Vegas? No!


We think it’s pretty obvious. Las Vegas is still the biggest gambling city in the world. They have the biggest casinos and hotels, and most people flock there to play, charm, and prestige in abundance. It will be a long time before another city takes its place. As of now, we know who the king is.