7 Factors That Make Some Divorces More Expensive Than Other

Divorces are on the rise in the twenty-first century. People realize it is better to live separately from another person if it is unbearable to burden and compromise happiness and peace. It is a challenging proposition to file for a divorce. It takes a lot of emotional resources to make a significant decision in one’s life.

However, economic resources must also be spent if a couple decides to end their marriage. Depending upon the complications in any divorce case, the costs vary greatly. However, some distinct factors make divorces more expensive than other ones.

1. Growth Of Specializations

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The idea of matchmaking has been used to create partnerships that stand out nicely. This custom has long been in use. In the past, parents and families would search for different families for their offspring to marry. However, the stigma around divorce has been significantly lifted in modern times. This has allowed multiple lawyers to practice and study more complex relationships.

Additionally, the requirement of studying relationships and human psychology has driven the investments that professionals make. Therefore, professionals recover such costs incurred early from couples that wish to file for divorce.

2. Parties Involved In Divorce

Besides the Fort Worth Divorce Attorney that you may find here, other parties are involved in filing a divorce case and carrying out the proceedings. These parties include legal practitioners and individuals like relationship counselors and investigators. Sometimes, depending on the nature of the case, you may call forensic teams, child security experts, and healthcare experts to participate in the case. These drive up the costs significantly.

3. Nature Of The Case

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Some simple divorce cases are straightforward and do not need as much involvement by many parties. This usually happens when the couple is sorted out about the things they want from the divorce. The terms and conditions, if clear, do not put much stress on the legal system, and the proceedings can be smooth and hence of a lower cost. On the contrary, some cases are incredibly complicated.

The cases mentioned above are difficult to judge because the fault of either party needs to be measured precisely. This engages the parties involved for a longer duration. These costs must be borne by both parties, increasing the price of a divorce. A heavy investigation may be needed in cases with allegations of crimes related to one spouse or the other. More than that, the need for other liabilities like child support, alimony, and compensatory demands must be accounted for.

4. Alimonies And Supports

The alimony for spouse support is commonly suggested as half of the other spouse’s net worth. Net worth includes all the individual assets reduced by the liabilities they can pay off to outsiders. Most assets can be divided in half in terms of ownership. This legal transfer of ownership must be done on documents stated by the respective statutes. These additional documents require separate costs to be incurred.

In other assets where ownership cannot be transferred simply, the agreed ratio of the property has to be paid in the value of money. For this purpose, the valuation of the property is needed. Often people only know the value of the property once it is meant to be sold. Thus, real estate valuers are hired to determine the amount that a spouse should be likely to pay. These costs keep on piling up.

5. Fight For Custody

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The more common form of support payments includes child support. Most divorces involve children. It is a complicated time for children to process whatever happens between their parents. They cannot simply make up their minds about who they want to stay with. Children’s custody is often given to the parent that is well off and can provide a more stable and healthy environment for the children. A complex number of layers finally influence the decision of whether a child will be given to either parent or whether another legal guardian shall be nominated. Parents keep going to hearings to acquire custody. This involves tremendous amounts of money.

6. Hidden Costs

Other costs are extensively involved in a divorce. Even if these costs may not be visible to the couple, they arise eventually. One of the highest costs both parties may have to bear is the cost of counseling or therapy. It is difficult to manage emotions after a stressful event like a divorce. Therapists charge vast sums of money and the problem with these therapies in terms of costs is that there is no scheduled time by which one may feel sufficient relief. Often the therapy sessions extend over multiple months. This demands not only plenty of time but also vast and regular costs.

7. Taxation And Accountants

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As mentioned previously, it is better to have an accountant to aggregate the individual’s assets and liabilities. This will allow the spouse to minimize the amount of alimony that you may have to pay and may get the right advice as to which assets to take ownership of. It is common to acquire ownership of depreciating assets which may prove to be loss-making. Thus, an accountant can help individuals ascertain which properties to go around so that there is a minimum tax liability that arises in the financial year. Often transfers may be accounted for under capital gains; thus, it is best to take the right advice from a tax specialist.


Irrespective of which lawyer you decide to take, it is best to choose one that can minimize the time spent in getting the divorce. This may benefit you from unnecessary costs down the road. Overall, it is appropriate to find a balance between the duration of the proceedings and the benefits derived from the post-divorce transfer of property and support.