Common Handbag Styling Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Women are obsessed with handbags and need them to carry numerous items, like keys, cosmetics, electronic devices, etc. But a massive collection of handbags with different styles are available for shopping. You can buy any of your choices, but you cannot carry any randomly.

Unknowingly, you may make many styling mistakes that must be avoided. On any occasion, you must carry a matched handbag with your outfit or event. You must know all the styling hacks to choose the perfect carry bag with your outfit.

In this write-up, you will explore all the common mistakes women make while styling a handbag daily. To maintain your chic personality, you must work on many things. Starting from your mistakes, you can improve your style and personality. Knowing about all your mistakes is better to avoid being a fun figure to all.

1. Carrying Totes While Going to Gym


You might be conscious about your physique and fitness, which leads you to go to the gym. You need to carry things like a towel, a water bottle, changing clothes, etc. Women make a mistake by carrying a big tote bag to their gyms. Such a style never goes well with your personality. You can find here to purchase designer bags for all occasions.

Instead of a tote, you can carry a backpack or a gym bag to carry all the essentials. Totes can be a good choice if you take them to your office and when you need to pack things like a laptop, a diary, stationery items, etc. A big tote is perfect for office-going women.

2. Grabbing a Tote or Huge Purse for Parties or a Date

When you go on a date or attend parties with your partner, you must carry a small bag or clutch to keep items minimum. But women ruin their outfits by carrying a tote or a huge bag on their shoulders. This way, you will not look as good in your clothing as you expect.

A clutch is enough to keep your limited stuff. You can buy a matching clutch or small purse with a crossbody chain strap that goes well with your outfit and carry it with elegance.

3. Incorrect Bag Size

Another common mistake women must avoid while choosing an appropriate handbag is picking an incorrect size. It is necessary to consider your body structure before making any choice. A big tote will not look good if you have a small body.

Similarly, a small clutch will not look good if you have a tall structure. But it does not mean that you cannot carry these handbags. It is essential to choose the right size, even if you have a tote or a clutch. Having a tall or bulky body, you can pick a clutch, but it should be of the appropriate size.

4. Incorrect Color or Pattern


If you wear clothes in solid color, it is necessary to choose a light-colored bag or consider the printed one. But many people need to improve at complementing the right colors, shades, and patterns. If your clothing is of soft color, you can prefer solid ones for bags.

In patterns, you can prefer checks, cross lines, etc. It can complement well with both solid and soft colors. But you must be wise enough to choose the right colors and patterns that match well with your style.

5. Choosing Incorrect Color in Different Seasons

Generally, people prefer wearing light shades in summer and dark shades in winter. You need to choose a handbag that matches well with the outfit. Women make a mistake when they choose inappropriate colors for their purses.

You can ignore the match of soft and bold colors together. In summer, you can prefer a soft-colored handbag with light-colored outfits. Similarly, you can match other solid colors.

6. Investing in Cheap-quality Handbags

Invest in a handbag that offers high-quality and that will last for years. Opt for high-quality vegan leather from ethical companies such as Doshi. Doshi makes ultra-durable vegan leather from sustainable materials, which is good for the animals, the planet, and for your style. These kinds of bags will last for years, whilst being offered for a reasonable price.

To save money, many people invest in cheap-quality handbags. But there is no requirement to invest in luxury bags as they can be very expensive. But you can avoid buying the ones that look cheap.

You can explore the variety of handbags available at an affordable price but also look expensive and classy. Cheap material will ruin your style and look better with your outfit. This mistake must be avoided.

7. Following Trends Blindly


You may explore different fashion trends on television, but it is a mistake if you follow them blindly. Fashion is all about experimenting, and you cannot implement it yourself. You must know the right combination of your outfits and handbags.

While considering any trend, you must keep all the combinations in your mind to decide whether it is appropriate. If any trend feels well, then you can go ahead.

8. Not Having any Nude-colored Handbag

If you are searching for a handbag option that works well with all outfits, you must have a nude-colored purse in your wardrobe. If you do not have one, you are making a mistake and need to invest in it quickly.

To carry a nude handbag, you do not need to consider the occasion, outfit color or pattern, season, etc. It matches well with everything you wear, and you can add it to any combination.

The Bottom Line

Unknowingly, you can make wardrobe and handbag mistakes. You need to invest in a good-quality purse that matches your outfit and looks perfect for different events. It is necessary to realize common mistakes women make through the mentioned ways. It can be avoided if you follow the solutions provided in this write-up. You can make a wise choice depending on your lifestyle and personal style.

There is no requirement to invest in expensive options when you can style yourself with an affordable option. Therefore, it is time to realize common mistakes and attempt to improve them. You can inspire others with your fashion statement by choosing the right combinations and trends. Before stepping out of your house, you must watch yourself in the mirror and check if everything looks fine and stylish.