What is the Difference Between Croupier and Dealer?

Have you been wondering about what it’s like to work in a casino? Well, these jobs can be quite exciting and lucrative. However, what most often bothers all those who would like to work in a casino is finding the right position that suits them. Most venues are like resorts and have everything you could want in one place of that type. This is exactly why casinos employ many different people in different fields.

What everyone is surely aware of is that casinos usually pay well. In addition, if you are wondering how to get a job in one, you should know that reputable venues offer constant advancement, depending on your dedication to the job.

The only downside to working in a casino is that you’ll have a hard time getting a weekend off. They offer their clients fun and enjoyment in their favorite games of chance, and considering that most people can visit these places only during holidays or on weekends, it is clear to you why having a weekend off would be a challenge. However, considering all the advantages that working in a casino offers you, this is really negligible.

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The process for getting employed depends largely on the type of job you want to do. Every position requires different qualifications. For example, if you plan to work in legal services, you need to have a law degree. If you want to become a dealer, you need a minimum of high school. You also need to take courses on games. There is usually a separate course for each table. Some venues offer these courses in exchange for a commitment to work at their establishment.

When it comes to dealers and croupiers, other important skills for these “frontline” positions include strong math and observational skills and excellent customer service.

Having mentioned these two, a lot of you are obviously wondering what are the differences between them? In the following lines, we’ll give you an explanation of each.

These two terms are very often commutable, but there are some differences worth mentioning for gaining clarity about the position they describe.

The biggest difference between these two positions is in the game they are in charge of. A dealer is a wider term referring to a person who is in charge of dealing casino games. While on the other hand, a croupier is a nicer term, or in other words fancier, referring to a person in charge of dealing roulette or baccarat. However, in most cases a dealer is also trained to be a croupier, therefore is one person serving two positions.

If you search online for the difference, most articles write about these two positions having no differences at all, which is partly true. A dealer is also a term used by majority of gamblers, and that majority understands. While croupier sounds a bit confusing, since it originates from French.

To sum up, if your game of preference in a casino is blackjack, the person in charge of the process would be called a croupier. But, if you play poker, then you’ll refer to him as a dealer.

What is the role of the dealer?

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They play a key role in the financial success of the casino and in the customer-casino relationship and serve as an integral part of the safety net. If you enjoy playing card games and socializing with people, a casino dealer may be the perfect job for you.

The primary responsibilities of a casino dealer include:

  • Explaining the rules of each game to new players
  • Dealing cards, dropping the roulette ball and handing out dice to roll
  • Collecting bets from players and awarding winnings
  • Ensuring compliance with rules and regulations
  • Close communication with security personnel about suspicious behavior
  • Communication with players to create a positive atmosphere

Gambling is the industry with huge potential

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Even after all this time, gambling still has huge opportunities to rise, employing more people than ever.

From the very beginnings of the Internet, an opportunity was sought to move certain offline services to the new digital world. The casino industry is no exception, although due to the complexity of the service, certain technological solutions were awaited, primarily those related to the security of online payments and the general increase in Internet speed. But over time, the shy beginnings in the last few years have turned into a huge business that, according to some estimates, will be worth almost 30 billion dollars in 2024. Not only is the total value high, but the growth is constant from year to year, so the online market is growing at a rate of over 10%.

Where does the popularity of online casinos come from? Several factors have contributed to the popularity of sites where casino games can be played. Availability is the biggest factor. Online casino sites got their first boost from the development of broadband internet and its ever-wider availability. A step above that was the emergence of high-speed mobile networks, with the biggest expansion occurring after the arrival of 4G networks.

Technology has brought total comfort to casino fanatics. It offers convenience to players that traditional casinos cannot offer. Traveling would be the main concern for many when choosing a “classic” casino for gambling. Also, they would have to carry a significant amount of real money, which is certainly a security concern.

However, with online and mobile gambling websites, players can engage and try their favorite casino games from the comfort of their own home such as slots, poker, baccarat or blackjack. A variety of new and unique games are available compared to traditional casinos.

Moreover, one doesn’t have to have a lot of money in order to play. Bonuses, promotions, and whatnot are available to every player, on every platform to take advantage of.

All in all, searching for employment in this sector, judging by what we wrote above, may be a smart idea.