What is SQM Club and its Important Benefits?

As a race, we only have one planet to call home, a planet we share with numerous other forms of life. While we are greatly outnumbered as a species, us humans have managed to separate ourselves from the rest and are now de facto leaders that can either make the planet a better place to live or ruin it forever. Over the last few centuries, the progress of society has been vast and there have been strides in technology multiple times over.

However, we have failed to take into account how our advanced machinery is affecting the environment. This is why in the last several decades there have been many green movements, an overall focus on renewable energy sources, and so much talk about preventing further climate change. Preserving our planet and allowing nature to run its course is the only way to protect the only home we have.

Protecting Future Generations

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Leading from the frontlines in this challenging and seemingly impossible battle to win are nonprofit groups and organizations whose only goal is to, in some way, shape, or form, protect the Earth. They take a lot of time out of their days and therefore lives and actively raise awareness and do their part in protecting the animals, plants, air, water, and people.

Improving the environment is a joint effort so sometimes different nonprofit groups work together to make a greater impact. Although it may seem that these people cannot do enough on their own, the effect they have on the general public and their approach of leading by example is proving to be enough.

One area in which all of us can help is lowering the CO2 emissions, the leading cause of the ozone layer’s destruction as well as the main pollutant of air, water, and everything green. Too many vehicles on the streets, bad habits and low awareness among the people, and factories who are running rampant with their waste without anyone being able to stop them.

These are only the main culprits of the ever-increasing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Because of this, many groups advocating for greener ways of life point to CO2-emitting sources as the main problem and take the fight to them. One nonprofit group that is leading the fight on this front is the SQM Club, short for Squak Mountain Club.

What is SQM Club?

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The SQM Club is a nonprofit organization that has more than a thousand members and their joint mission is to improve the environment and leave future generations a beautiful, livable planet with much lower emissions than we currently have. They believe that individual responsibility is more than enough when it comes to preserving the environment and improving our way of life on the planet.

The world we live in is not just ours. It also belongs to our children and grandchildren, regardless of whether or not they are born yet. And if individual efforts are enough, a committed group with a clear-cut mission should do large things, gather volunteers, and eventually make a huge influence in the battle for cleaner air, pure water, a stronger ozone layer, and a much healthier tomorrow.

SQM does its thing by increasing awareness, which is done through education, scientific study, research, public acts, rallies, and events. Individual members are not employed by the club. Far from it, as that would no longer make it a nonprofit organization but a company looking to make money. No, the volunteers instead invest their own free time and good will into something greater than all of us.

Their hours spent on this great cause are spent assisting the club with whatever objectives it needs and get benefits. These benefits are cheap emission credits that can be sold to other organizations that are involved in similar missions, objectives, and causes. Thanks to their goal of cutting down on all CO2 emissions, they can save your money and help you meet legal requirements that deal with keeping the environment green and preserving it. They do all of it as a team, and they have been successful so far.

What Do They Actually Do?

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So not knowing what they do, let us take a closer peek at how they actually do it and what goes on during their efforts. The club helps anyone who needs it to calculate and track their carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is the customary way of referring to how much pollution, usually CO2-related pollution, a company creates as a side effect to their business. When a company realizes that they are polluting too much and that their emissions need to go down, they can contact the SQM Club and have them help. The volunteers will come and work together with the staff towards cutting down on emissions in the most cost-effective manner possible.

This is the bread and butter of their business and the reason why they are in such high regard in the green community. Numerous companies have already employed their services and are far better off because of it. They operate internationally and have helped all sorts of clients. From government institutions in the US, Canada, and Mexico, to tech and communication firms in Brazil, as well as big Japanese corporations.

SQM is so popular and efficient as a matter of fact that they have separate clubs sprouting up all over the world. They now have members in faraway countries like Australia and China. In Europe, the most notable are present in France and Germany, while the South Africa and India branches are also doing a lot of good for the local companies and therefore the environment.

The Benefits of Joining

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So you are a company that wants to lower its CO2 emissions once and for all and do it in the best and most cost-effective way possible. Well, lucky for you, contact an SQM club closest to you and have their members come and measure the sample and then suggest the best course of action. If you want to protect the environment out of which you operate, this is the best idea you can have. When you join the club, there are some great benefits that you will surely feel.

1. A Unique Calculator

Firstly, when you join the club, you will get an SQM calculator, a unique way to measure your own carbon footprint. In it, you can type in the relevant data that will help you realize your maximum potential. The approximate emissions data needs to be entered as well as the personal information of the company. Once you do this, you get the amount of CO2 that your operations emit as well as the best and most accurate info on how to lower it.

2. Saving Money

Going green is usually a very expensive endeavor. It implies changing many integral parts of a business since parts of the infrastructure need to be completely removed with new, green ones installed. This is at least true with typical ways of turning to renewable sources and doing other things to limit emissions.

However, using the calculator allows you to reduce energy consumption where you can, save money in the long run, and lower emissions all at once. Also, the events and partnerships that the club provides save additional funds. Exclusive deals, discounts, and memberships can help you save even more over a longer period.

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3. A Trusty Organization

The fact that the club is a nonprofit organization means that the results are all they need to feel good about their work. The pride they take and the dedication they show are enough rewards because they lead directly to a healthier and better environment.

The club never mistreats or misrepresents its business. Everything is transparent, done with a great deal of planning, and in consultation with the representatives of their clients. The amount of information they give is high so that you can make the best possible decision no matter who you are, where you are, how much you emit, and what industry you belong to.

4. A Low Membership Cost for a Real Change

Running a company means hefty costs at every corner, particularly those that involve aspects without which there will be no profit. Many companies, therefore, care little about additional costs that do not help their cause. Sadly, one such thing is going green and limiting CO2 emissions.

SQM Club has thought of that which is why they have a very low monthly membership of only $19.95, pennies for a company that brings in tens or hundreds of thousands per month. You can cancel at any time, but also pick a three-month package with added benefits and a lower per-month cost. It is nothing compared to other choices that would pull thousands of dollars out of your company’s pocket for questionable methods.

This way you get true volunteers to come and do their thing, people who care for the planet, and the environment, and raise consciousness levels when it comes to limiting the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.