Tips To Find The Matching Carpet For Your Home

With the rise in styles and decor standards, the carpets market is undergoing a serious broadening period with a wide range of styles. They vary in color and material, pile type, cost, and other factors. However, it is no exaggeration to say that all home interiors are different, and choosing the right carpet for your home can become quite daunting. If you want to learn about carpet and flooring themes, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will be familiarized with all the considerations to make before choosing a carpet, along with a few helpful tips:

Understand Home Interior Color Theory


Choosing the color is the most crucial aspect of home decor. They are directly influenced by the amount of natural light entering the house and the colors of wallpapers, doormats, and other equipment. However, the most influential factor would be the kind of supplier you are partnering up with. Reliable carpet websites like provide a broad range of carpets that suits both a domestic home and professionalized offices. Quality carpet suppliers provide pet and kid-friendly styles for domestic and commercial purposes at competitive pricing. You can also avail yourself of different carpet categories ranging from Mohawk Carpets to Multi-Tone, Carpet Tile, designers, offices, Sorona silks, and padded ones. With stain protection and warranty options, you will have various options at exciting prices.

All-in-all, interior color theory is of utmost importance when determining carpet colors. Let’s look at the different color palettes:

1. Neutral Colors

Trends may vary, but neutral colors will always be the aesthetic that brings a home-like and relaxing feel to the interiors. Not only do they possess a timeless feel, but they are also the most versatile color options for any home. You will not have to worry about being up-to-date with the trends when using neutral colors like grays, off-whites, beiges, browns, and unsaturated colors. If you are going with themes, always look for pastel and neutral colors. Luckily, they are extremely versatile to fit into any theme or style you are going for.

2. Dark Colors

Nothing compares to dark colors when it comes to elevating the ambiance and mood of the home. Dark colors bring the element of luxury and a high-maintenance feel, creating a warm and pleasing atmosphere for the visitors. However, they are the total opposite of high maintenance. Dark-colored carpets like dark blues, purples, blacks, and blood-red maroons hide debris and stains, giving them a clean look. Dark-colored carpets are mostly used in entry spaces, hallways, and living rooms.

3. Light Colors

While on the subject of dark colors, light colors create an open and spacious feel in the home. These colors are most alluring to the eyes and make small spaces look bigger due to refraction. Themes with lighter colors brighten up spaces and are thus used in daycare centers and outdoor spaces. Fresh green, baby pink, cream whites, and different shades of beiges give a cleaner look to the house but are high-maintenance since they expose the dirt to stand out. Opting for stain-resistance carpets for lighter colors is the best strategy.

4. Gray

Gray carpets have their show to put, although they are part of the neutral color family. While dark and light tones have a dramatic effect, different shades of gray can set a moody atmosphere. Moreover, gray is extremely versatile due to its adaptability to tons of styles. Gray comes in warmer and cooler tones, thus, making the home very diverse with a single color.

5. Tans And Beige

For decades, tans and beige dominated the carpet market for most homes. Why? Because of their outstanding versatility! Not only do they fit all design choices, but they also bring about a timeless appeal that suits every trend in existence. Opting for tans and beige is the best option, especially if you are unsure about the current theme investment. They bring earthy tones to the interiors and are perfect for pets. If you are worried that it will look stagnant, don’t worry about it! A wide array of patterns and textures will make the appeal exciting.

Analyze Lifestyle Considerations


Do you live with children and pet companions, or are you living a solitary life? It may come off as a surprise that lifestyle makes all the difference in choosing the carpet. Today’s carpet market is filled with easy-cleanup features and stain-resistance fibers, so it is best to pick the one that suits your lifestyle. Light neutrals like whites are difficult to clean and maintain with infants and pets, for there will be a lot of food spills and pet debris to handle. Other hues like deep gray, blue and green tones and multicolored carpets are also excellent for households with hectic lifestyles or active families. This is wise advice to remember when picking the ideal carpet color.

Consider Wall Colors

Wallpaper colors, flooring, and carpets go hand-in-hand and are the most crucial factors to consider before choosing your carpet. Whether navy, warm gray, or white, wall colors play an essential role in being the undertones that may or may not be compatible with the flooring. A great tip to remember is always to pair warm tones with warm tones and vice-versa. For instance, a cool gray wallpaper works best with cool blue undertones. Keep a swatch of your wall color while choosing carpets; this will make it easier to match the themes.

Additional Tips

  • Persian carpets and rugs are highly valued and bring a huge dynamic aesthetic to smaller spaces.
  • Place the furniture at the edges of the carpet. This will bring a dynamic and cohesive look, especially when all the legs are on the carpet.
  • You can enhance the matching by using identical carpets on either side of the room and letting half of the fabric tug underneath.
  • Never take the foundation for granted- choose the right padding for extra support, strength, durability, and cushioning. This will enhance the lifetime of the carpet.
  • Explore carpet styles like Plush, Saxony, Textured, Frieze, and Berber. Each style has its distinctive look, so don’t be hasty when considering the textures.

Parting Advice

Carpets are truly a game-changer by adding depth and drama to any room. Carpets play the practical choice with huge spaces and hiding dirt and debris in the house. Styling the carpet element can change the whole perspective of home interiors. It is always advised to order samples before diving head first into purchasing. Make sure you have plenty of wall color watches to make your final decision. The above tips and considerations can help you make a much more informed decision.