What Is The Highest Paying Entry-Level IT Job?

The evolution of technology has opened multiple arenas of employment for most of the young generation. While many seek traditional jobs, others want to step into the IT sector to pay their bills and attain overall growth. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth for the IT sector in areas like New Zealand is 13%. New Zealand’s technology sector plays a huge role in its economy by adding a significant percentage to the overall GDP and creating multiple jobs.

New Zealand is a technological hub having almost 100 thousand people involved in IT in one or the other form. Many websites like sourced.nz provide complete information on the subject and available job openings in the state. With so many opportunities across IT recruitment agencies, NZ, people may need clarification about which job to enter. They may find it overwhelming to compare and contrast various IT jobs.

Why IT?

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Getting a job in Information Technology indicates overall growth and development in talent, knowledge, money and personality. It might be easier to set foot in the IT sector with little prior experience in the field. The tech sector has grown significantly over the last few years, making it sure for you to boom in the field.

The demand for tech talent in New Zealand is increasing daily due to its vast growing technology export sector. Generating almost $13 bn in revenue, New Zealand creates more opportunities in the tech sector than any other state in the US. You can look for job openings at many online sources, such as source.nz to help you search. But have you ever wondered what the highest-paying entry-level jobs in the Technology sector are?

6 Highest Paying IT Jobs

In every sector, some jobs at the entry level are better than others, providing more financial aid, overall development and job satisfaction. In the IT sector, it gets easier to set foot in some entry-level jobs which pay a good salary and give you benefits over other job posts in the same sector. Let’s look at some of highest paying entry-level job profiles in the IT sector:

1. Software Developer

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Average Starting Salary: $50000 to $75000 p.a

Job Profile

The job includes using basic development skills in the tech sector. You use computer languages like Java and C++, among others, to develop and test various programs as and when required by the company. Along with programming languages, they need to be skilled in algorithms and base-level testing mechanisms. When you’re you’re skilled in using programming languages, the role of the software developer is an easy task for you.

It is one of the highest-paying entry-level jobs in the tech market, opening multiple opportunities for people seeking jobs in this sector. With a projected growth of almost 8-10%, web developers or software developer job profiles are getting increasingly famous, especially among youngsters.

2. Computer Systems Analyst

Average Salary: $25000-$30000 p.a

Job Profile

Everyone requires a tech geek familiar with all the technical know-how of operating a computer. They solve every tricky tech problem and understand the technology well. They have solutions to almost any problem you might face in a tech firm. They have extensive problem-solving knowledge and a positive attitude towards technology and its significance.

The projected growth rate of a computer analyst post ranges between 7-10% in the next ten years. This opens up a wide area of jobs, creating more employment for young people pursuing vocational studies in technology and related industries.

3. Information Technology Analyst

Source: skillfinder.com.au

Average Salary: $60000-$80000 p.a

Job Profile

Any tech firm requires an information technology analyst, also known as a cyber security analyst, who looks after any cyber fraud or crimes within the firm. In the tech sector, there are many instances of fraud happening online through the use of modern software technology. It is essential to hire trained employees to crack the hackers’hackers’ code and track various frauds.

A cyber security analyst helps you with all your cybercrime needs, making the job easier. There is a projected growth of 10-12% in this field due to increasing crimes in this sector.

4. Technical Writer

Average Salary: $50000-$60000 p.a

Job Profile

Content writing is becoming increasingly essential in every business sector, including technology. But for the IT field, you require technical content writers with enough knowledge about technical terms and jargon which can easily define all the content. People pursue various courses in technical writing to become technical content writers.

A technical writer is different from a normal content writer and knows how to describe technical problems and solutions in simple terms. This is one of the highest-paying profiles in the IT sector.

5. Graphic Designer

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Average Salary: $40000-$50000 p.a

Job Profile

As a technical graphic designer, you will have to deal with image, design and graphic content for your firm. The graphic designer’s job involves creating designs, either manually or using software and getting them approved by the clients as per the requirements of the IT project.

Graphic designers are in increasing demand nowadays due to the client’s inclination towards understanding and building a technical project based on the latest graphic trends in the market. There is a high projection of growth in this job profile as it pays well and is an interesting take on designers in the IT sector. However, a technical designer has to get a degree in graphic design or technical designing to grow in this field.

6. User Experience Designer

Áverage Salary: $30000-$40000

Job Profile

A user experience designer is responsible for the increased accessibility of tech products like websites, apps, software, etc. They research the market for the customer base and understand the needs and requirements of the user to enhance their overall experience.

Bottom line

As an entry-level tech professional, you must pursue a basic degree in a particular field. With its growth over the years, the IT sector has created many unique job profiles that pay well and require creativity more than technical knowledge. It is easy to enter the technology sector as it does not require a lot of experience.