Helpful Tips That Will Help You to Get the Best Out of Your Turkish Towels

All towels are the same. Are we saying the truth? Of course not. We’re not here to lie to you. But having your attention while we write and you read this article is vital. Now that we have it, we can start. All towels are not the same. There are all kinds of variations. Digging a little deeper into their history of them will tell you that. Today we’re going to focus on a special kind. The Turkish towels. Have you heard of them? You’re reading this article so we’re going to assume you have.

What you probably don’t know is how to treat them the right way. They’re unique. Special. There’s no arguing it. It is a type of towel that is accentuated by its long fibers. As such they differ quite from your regular towels. In a room full of towels anyone can spot the difference between a regular one and one called Turkish. No, this is not a Snatch reference. Putting Guy Ritchie and his movies aside, let’s focus on this unique fabric. So, you’re reading this article, and we’re going to assume you have issues with your Turkish towels.

This is where you can start worrying. We got you covered. In this article, awe is going to talk about helpful tips that will help you to get the best out of your Turkish towels. If you already know what to do, and how to take care of them, and you’re only looking for Real Turkish Towels you can visit this site. If you’re in for a ride that will discover little pedantries and secrets about these particular towels, please continue reading. So, if the latter is what you’re interested in, move on, we’re grasping the essence in the paragraphs below.

1. Care For Them From The Start


As you probably know these towels are made out of Turkish cotton. A unique kind with long fibers. What this means is that you need to take special care of them. Start from the beginning. The first soak is the most important one. When you buy these towels you want to soak them in the water. This is done before you wash them. That’s right. No machine washing. First, you put them into cold water. Leave them to rest for twelve hours. Don’t worry about it too much. Just put them into your tub and fill them with cold water. Do you know why it’s vital to do this? It is because after you do this, the fibers that the towel is made of will expand, and they will be more water absorbent and what’s more important softer. Once the twelve hours are over you need to hang them out to dry. Once they’re completely dried out it is time for the first wash. This process is a one-time thing. Only do it the first time before the initial wash. Once you do this you’ll wash them under the instructions you’ll receive or already know regarding Turkish cotton.

2. Dry it Simply

Turkish towels are not all that complicated. Trust us. When it comes to drying they’re as simple as one can get. What this means is that they require no tumble drying. This could have the opposite effect, and it would diminish what you achieved with the first soak. So, if you have the possibility dry them out on the line. They are quite fast to dry despite their long fibers. Even if you just leave it to hang dry in your bedroom a room temperature it will be dry in a matter of a few short hours. Of course, if it is a rainy day, and you can’t put them out, or you’re in a rush to dry and pack them for travel you can use the dryer. Just make sure that you put them on the lowest possible temperature and low spin cycle.

3. Iron Them Out


While most people don’t tend to do this to their towels when it comes to this type you could do it; regularly too. So, yes, that’s what we’re saying iron them out after they’ve been washed and dried. Why? That’s a good question; it’s not like you’ll be wearing them. But, due to the quality and shape of their fiber, this is the best way to avoid having unnecessary wrinkles and even creases in the towel fabric. Furthermore, this is vital to do as with ironing you’ll notice a thread or two that has come loose. You’re free to cut these off because the type of towel you have on your hand will not create an opening or diminishes its quality in no way.

4. Don’t Overdo It On Soap

Whether you’re using soap or detergent or whatever you want to call it, it’s all good. What could not be good is the quantity you’re using. You need to make sure that you go easy on the soap or detergent. When you wash these towels you need to go easy. Not as easy as Argentine went on Saudi Arabia in the 2024 World Cup in Qatar, but easy enough. What you want to achieve when washing these towels is that they smell nice, but that they’re fully clean of soap when your machine does its cycles. If there’s too much soap residue on the towel when it dries it might lead to the appearance of wrinkles and that stiff feeling. Furthermore, you need to stay away from fabric softeners. Use white vinegar instead.

5. Don’t Mix Them Up


As we said Turkish towels are special and unique, and they bode well with Turkish towels only. You need to remember this. Yes, we know, segregation is not good, but in this case, you need to have it. Don’t be tempted to wash them with other, regular towels, or with some kitchen washcloth. Don’t you dare!  Leave them alone. It is the best course of action to preserve their value and the unique feel they provide. Also, only use cold water even when machine washing. These towels are amazing but only if you know how to handle them.