How to Come Up With Money-making Ideas: 7 Tips for New Inventors

Thanks to the Internet, there are many ways to make a lot of money. There are many websites that offer different features. Your task is to browse the pages you are interested in, as well as the comments if there are any. Of course, there are also forums that you should read. You find people who are on the same path or are already where you want to be.

That way, you’ll be more motivated, you’ll get support, you’ll be able to consume useful content, and you’ll have someone to ask when the going gets tough. Don’t forget that there are a lot of variants that don’t work at all or at least don’t work for you. Start with our business tips.

1. Work on your mindset


One of the biggest obstacles to starting and succeeding in your first business is a mindset. More precisely, no less adequate mindset. So think about finance, taxes, sales, marketing, and money. Learn how to set your boundaries, how negotiate, close deals, and everything else that goes into an entrepreneur’s job description. Although you will learn all these things best through experience, you should also acquire enough knowledge.

Start learning and working on yourself, your business ideas, beliefs, and limitations right away. You can work on your mindset through therapy, coaching, surrounding yourself with the right content and people, mentoring programs, socializing with entrepreneurs, listening to podcasts, and reading books. It would be a good idea to get involved in the Inventor Groups.

2. Seek help

You don’t have to do everything yourself. You may have usually learned the hard way until now, but that is not the best and only way to succeed. In fact, it’s often a bad choice. Don’t waste too much time and other resources if you can achieve a lot in half the time. The reason for this is that in the beginning you often don’t have enough money to pay people, so you do everything yourself and learn on the fly until you get to the point where you have no free time because you have too much work to do.

And since you can’t replicate yourself into more of you who will do the work faster, that’s where the idea of first employees and delegating work comes into play. Many here get caught in the trap of the self-employed “Only I know how it should be done” and find it difficult to transfer the work to others without interfering and end up doing all the work themselves again because they know best. Remember, if you don’t learn to delegate, you won’t have the opportunity to grow.

3. Start a business that matches your skills


What are the talents and skills that you have, and is there a real demand for them in the market? Are you an expert when it comes to international business? Do you like helping people with interior design? Are you good at marketing? Or when it comes to human resource management? Do you have a hobby that you could turn into a business?

If you have certain skills that people are willing to pay for, that’s a great starting point for building a business that will be profitable. Find out who your potential clients are, talk to them and find out what they’re interested in or what they’re not happy with. of your competitors. The research will not cost you, and it can help you greatly.

4. Make a business plan

Once you’ve figured out what skill you’re good at, you should start making a plan. It involves creating a resume, which is the essence of an entrepreneurial venture. You should also think about management and organization, product, and services. The plan must also include data about the competition because you will create a pricing strategy, market positioning, or promotional activities based on it. Finally, you will need a financial plan as well as a development plan. You could even seek help and improve, but I will hand that to professionals about whom you can find out more at

5. Create a system that will work without you


What it means? For example, if you sell services you should automate that process. Add people to the new system, but also the procedures they will perform. It’s also important to share responsibility properly. After that, you will be able to focus exclusively on running and growing your business. Your job should only involve making decisions because you are the owner. Of course, this process will take place step by step, but you will need an adequate plan immediately. Get the right tools and mentorship if needed. Once you learn how to build this type of business, you will be able to start more businesses.

6. Choose clients

The goal of every business is first of all profit, and in order to make a profit we have to sell. It will take you a little time to recognize at first who is and who is not a client for you. Do not waste your time or energy on people whose businesses are not interesting to me and on jobs that someone else does better than me. Better a few good big clients than many bad and mediocre ones.

7. Create a personal brand


This practically means that you should live your story. Find or create a job that you will love and with the help of which you will have money to do and all the other things that you love. If everyone thought like this, there would not be so many unhappy and frustrated people. When you do what you are good at and what you love, your chances of success are much higher. I don’t think everyone should build a personal brand, nor that it’s for everyone.

Sometimes it is much better to have a successful business without anyone knowing who is behind it. If you do decide on a personal brand, create useful content regularly and clearly communicate your thoughts and views. In this way, you will attract people similar to you, and reject all those who are not for you. It is also an opportunity to talk to those who will use your innovation. As suggested by, creating a personal brand will allow your business to become recognizable.


The number of ideas is unlimited. It is up to you to be realistic and objective and to choose an idea that is in line with your finances, time, knowledge, and skills. Be persistent, don’t give up at the first hurdle and the results will surely come. It is clear to you that you can get to some point on your own, and with the support and help of the right people, you can get much further much faster.