How Should You Pose For Your Senior Picture

You might see celebrities, friends, and even sometimes family who seem more photogenic than you in pictures, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be photogenic yourself. A simple head tilt, hand placement, or pose can help make all the difference in how you appear in photos.

We know how important senior pictures are, and this is why we’re going to highlight some of the things you can do to the most appealing pose. These ideas came from professional Las Vegas Photographer, Bob Bartholomew of Bartholomew Photography, and should help you feel confident and comfortable during your photo session.

1. Add Movement

Not many people know this, but movement can help capture your true emotions, making the photograph look more natural. When you add movement, the photographer might be able to capture a soft smile or giggle that they may not have seen if you were standing still. Posing for a photo doesn’t always mean you need to stand still or be sitting. You can hop back and forth, move your dress, twirl your hair or play with your clothing.

2. Hand Placements


Some people don’t know what to do with their hands when posing for a photograph. Don’t worry if you’re one of them. Occupying your hands will help give you an overall natural look. Try swinging your dress/jacket, hooking a thumb or finger in your pocket, or playing with your hair. Where your hands are in the photo will help determine how photogenic you’ll look in the portrait.

3. Posture

People don’t usually think about posture when posing for senior photographs. It’s sadly a big part of posing many people tend to overlook. Keeping good posture with your shoulders back and standing upright can help improve your overall pose. Yes, it might be cool to slouch, but it’ll typically make you look less confident in the photo.

4. Getting a Real Laugh

It’s your final year of school, and you want to put on the happiest face you can muster, and the best way to do this is to try and get in a real laugh during the photo session. If you can find a way to make, yourself laugh, lean forward and lightly cough while smiling wide. This will help make it look like you’re laughing, which will, in turn, result in a more photogenic you.

Having fun with it will allow you to look a little less serious, a bit freer, and more energetic, which you want to show to commemorate this special moment.

FAQ’s about Senior Portraits


1. Why do you need Senior Photos?

Senior photos are an important milestone for high school students. They serve as a physical reminder of the four years spent in high school and provide an opportunity to capture memories of this unique time in life. Not only do these photos commemorate a student’s academic achievements, but they also give families the chance to document their children’s growth into young adults. Senior pictures can become treasured keepsakes that get passed down from generation to generation, adding a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for family history.

These days, senior portraits can be used for more than just decorating walls or mantle pieces; they can easily be shared with friends and family on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, giving everyone the chance to celebrate your teenager’s major accomplishment!

2. What Time of Year is Best for Senior Photos?

Senior photos are an important milestone in life, marking the transition from childhood to adulthood. But deciding when to take these photos can be a challenge. Different times of year provide different backdrops for your photos and come with their own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Springtime is often the most popular season for senior photos. The warm weather allows seniors to take advantage of outdoor locations like parks or beaches for their session, while still having plenty of time before graduation. Additionally, the abundance of blooming flowers and trees provides natural beauty that looks great as a backdrop in any photo. Unfortunately, this time of year also tends to be busy with exams and other end-of-year activities, meaning it may not always be the most convenient option for everyone’s schedule.

Alternatively, fall is another popular choice for senior pictures due to its vibrant colors and cozy atmosphere.

3. What should be included in Senior Portraits?


When it comes to senior photos, it’s important to consider what should be included in the shots. These photos are a way of memorializing your final year of high school and will likely be cherished for many years to come. To make sure you have the best possible pictures, here’s what you should think about including:

First, determine the type of outfit that will best capture your personality and style. Whether you decide on a formal dress or something more casual like jeans and a t-shirt, make sure you feel comfortable in whatever clothing is chosen. Additionally, accessories such as jewelry or scarves can add an extra element to the photos as well!

In addition to clothing choices, also consider any props or background items that could help bring out your personality even further.

4. What Colors to Avoid Wearing in Senior Portraits?

When it comes to senior portraits, there are certain colors that should be avoided in order to look your best. Colors like white, black, and bright colors can be distracting in photographs and take away from the overall aesthetic of the photo. White can often wash out a person’s skin tone, while black can make them look isolated or disconnected from the background. Bright colors such as red or yellow may catch too much attention in photos and become overwhelming for viewers.

It is important to choose colors that complement each other and create an even flow between your outfit, the backdrop of the photograph, and any props you may bring along with you. Popular color choices for senior portraits include pastel shades of blue, green and pink; softer shades of yellow; as well as basic neutrals such as gray or beige.